Cremation Options

Grandview Pet Services offers two different cremation options and a variety of pet urns, monuments, and memorial keepsakes.

A Private Pet Cremation is the most common option. It is for the pet owner who wishes that their pet be cremated by itself. Pet cremated remains will be returned back to your family. Pricing begins at $125 and is based on the weight of your pet. Contact our office for complete details at 865-977-0797. 

Our fee for the removal of your pet from the veterinarian's office or your home is $65.00 (within a 25 mile radius). For removals that are outside of our 25 mile radius, we charge an additional $1.25 per mile. 

Permanent urns are available starting at $50.00. Engraving on the urn is also available at a nominal fee. 

A Communal Pet Cremation offers a dignified and economical alternative for those pet owners who do not wish to keep or bury their pet's remains. In this option, the pet will be cremated at the same time along with other pets. Pet owners must understand that with communal cremation, the cremated remains are NOT returned back to them. Instead, Grandview will inter your pet's cremated remains in an ossuary at the Grandview Pet Cemetery. The cost for the removal of your pet and cremation fee is $75.

Our pet crematory has offered compassionate service to families during their time of need for years. And as part of our standard procedures, the cremated remains will be available for pickup or delivery from Grandview Cemetery. Whether you choose from our extensive cremation services or decide on burial in our special pet cemetery, we will do everything possible to make the celebration of your pet healing and comforting. 

We know what a difficult time this can be, so we are here for you whenever you need us. We want to do anything we can do during this time to lighten your load and make things a little easier. Our services extend to providing transportation from the veterinary office or from the residence to our facility. 

Our specialists can assist with arrangements for the perfect farewell. Only you know what made your pet so special; we want to work with you to create a ceremony that commemorates your pet and what they meant to you and your family. Give us a call 865-977-0797 or email us at: